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Silver Powders are produced by different processes to suit customer requirements of flowability, particle size, green strength, etc.

We offer all three grades of silver powder - Atomised, Dendritic and Irregular


Physical Appearance: Dry powder

Powder Mesh Size: Passes 100 & 200 mesh screen
* 325 and 400 mesh size fine silver powders also available on request
Meaning of Mesh
Particle size:10 microns (agglomerated)
Morphology - Irregular / Non-flake

Tap Density - 1.5-2.5 g/cc

Color : Off-white to Grey

Purity: ~99.9% Ag (metals basis)

CAS Number: 7440-22-4

MSDS will be provided on request

Silver symbol

Possible Applications / Uses of Silver Powder:

Batteries, Brazing Powder, Brazing Fluxes, Carbon Brushes, Catalysts, Conductive coatings, Conductive inks, Conductive pastes, Diamond Tools, EMI/RFI shielding, High thermal conductivity materials, Masterbatch, Plasma & HVOF Spray Coatings, RFID tags, Sintering additives

Best suited for:
Our silver powder is best suited for General purpose sintering applications, Brazing Material, Conductive Inks and Pastes, and EMI Shielding Applications

For Flaked Silver Powder
Above silver powder is irregular and unflaked.
Flaked silver powder is also available for ready use in conductive inks. Please send email for separate quotation.


  • No Oxide Coating
  • Highly Conductive
  • Free flowing powder


Pricing will be provided on request to our email id :
sales [at] nanosilver.in
Quantity FCA price Availability  
10 g INR 2000 / USD 30 Immediate Sampling
25 g INR 3000 / USD 50
100 g Inquire
250 g Inquire
500 g Inquire
1 Kg Inquire
2 Kg Inquire Ask Production Qty
5 Kg Inquire
10 Kg Inquire
20 Kg Inquire
50 Kg Inquire
100 Kg Inquire
> 100 Kg Inquire

-We also offer bulk discounts on silver powder to our regular customers
-Above prices are indicative only and subject to change. Prices exclusive of taxes.

Contact us now at:
sales [at] nanosilver.in
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