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C-17, Phase 6,
Adityapur Industrial Area,
P.O. Gamariya,
Jamshedpur - 832 108,

Phone - +91-92346 21160
Fax - +91-657-2304688
Mobile - +91-99553 94798

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Terms of Business

All our products are made either through well-known or proprietory processes. We may also source certain products which we may find economical to do so looking at market conditions. Country of Origin is INDIA unless mentioned separately.

Our quotations shall be subject to confirmation and also to prevailing delivery or service facilities. We have the right to withdraw our quotation at anytime we feel appropriate. The customer has to indicate to us in writing the end use and purpose of the material he is buying. He agrees not to use any of our products to malign our reputation or against us in anyway. We have no interest in any confidential or prorietary information of our customer but at the same time we also have the right to refuse any business deal for our product whose end use we come to know or may find inappropriate or unlawful or to be used to malign our reputation or used against us in any way. In the event this has happened we would not undertake any responsibility of supplying material to our customer who has wrongfully declared or misdeclared the end usage to us before supply of material.

Agents or traders acting on behalf of competitors are requested to be frank enough while sending inquiries that they intend to know the price and not buy the products. Wrong and wilful misconduct will not be tolerated.

All products are supplied with statutory MSDS and test reports. We will not be responsible for the customer not abiding by the handling techniques and safety measures and precautions stated in the MSDS.

Please be aware that we do not have any distributors currently. Please buy products only from us and not from any third party.

While buying our products the buyer acknowledges to have read, understood and agreed to the above terms of business. The above also holds true for free sample requests.

We may take strong action against people spreading negative publicity or spreading rumours against us by using or not using our materials in order to gain competitive advantages or just for fun or for the sake of it.

Suppliers wishing to send us their free product samples may do so at their own risk and expense. We have no obligation to enter into business with them without signing a mutual agreement. They agree not to make any falsified claims in public or otherwise with respect to their supplies in the future. Rejections if any will be notified by email and would be scrapped at our end unless mutually agreed prior to sending material. Utmost care will be taken from our side to respect all the business relations with them provided they respect ours.

The terms of business are subject to change without notice.

Privacy Policy

We do not share, sell or forward your contact information like email, address, phone no., etc with any other company or individual(s). without your written advice.

Nor do we send any spam or unsolicited e-mail.

We are also not interested in reading or listening to any confidential or proprietory data unless otherwise agreed mutually in writing by way of agreement. The disclosing party is solely responsible for disclosing something confidential without any mutual and written understanding at his own risk.

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